Tallinex Limited Anti Money Laundering (AML) Policy

The objective of this Policy is the development and implementation of Counter-Terrorism Financing measures which can help prevent Tallinex Limited from being misused for money laundering and terrorism financing activities.

The policy is designed to formulate necessary processes for prevention of Money Laundering activities which include the following:

  • A customer identification procedure following “Know Your Customer” norms
  • Recognition, handling and disclosure of suspicious transactions
  • On-going staff training to maintain alertness
  • Maintenance of records


Key Policies

Tallinex Limited hereby adopts the following key policies, ensuring that the Company and its employees / officers / authorities shall:

  • Not knowingly launder money, and have adequate procedures and controls to ensure that its business is not misused for money laundering and/or terrorist financing
  • Not advise customers on how to avoid identification, record keeping or reporting requirements
  • Not process a transaction unless it is believed to have legitimate purpose
  • Comply with the laws of all countries involved in the transaction
  • Refuse obviously suspicious transactions
  • Report suspicious transactions in accordance with the applicable laws
  • Not split transactions to avoid government identification and reporting requirements or any known policy of a concerned authority/party
  • Not knowingly record false names or information
  • Not create false records
  • Co-operate with local regulators and law enforcement bodies
  • Maintain records in accordance with the law and concerned authorities
  • Ensure that all staff receive regular anti-money laundering training


Know Your Customer (KYC)

  • All Tallinex Limited employees engaged in money transfer / changing functions shall only execute a transaction for a client after obtaining and verifying suitable proof of identity (PID)
  • Tallinex Limited will retain copies of any proofs of identity submitted after verifying the authenticity
  • Transactions undertaken on behalf of another person / entity shall require suitable proof of identity for all persons/entities concerned, which shall be kept on record
  • Before completing a transaction, it is compulsory for Tallinex Limited to review the following:

    1) Full legal name and status
    2) Date of birth / corporate registration
    3) Residential / corporate address
    4) Origin and form of assets where total deposits exceed 50,000 EUR/USD


Suspicious Transactions

These are defined as situations where:

  • A customer is reluctant to provide details / documents on frivolous grounds
  • A transaction is undertaken by one or more intermediaries in order to protect / disguise the identity of the beneficiary or hide involvement
  • The size and frequency of transactions is deemed high considering the normal business of the customer
  • A change in the pattern of business transacted, etc. occurs


If Tallinex Limited identifies any symptom of a suspicious transaction then it will be reported to the prescribed authority.


Account Deposits / Withdrawals

  • In all cases of initial deposit, regardless of the amount involved, government-issued photo ID shall be required
  • In all cases, withdrawals shall either be made by bank wire transfer to an account in the name of the client or, where possible, by refund to a pre-verified account with an alternate payment services provider


Card Refund Policy

A refund may be requested for deposits into accounts where no orders have been executed at any time. In this situation, the refund will be to the same card and in the same amount as the deposit. Processing of refund requests can take 3-5 business days and may not appear on your card statement for one full billing cycle.

All other refund requests will be treated as WITHDRAWALS and processed in line with standard withdrawal methods and procedures.


Reporting Suspicious Activity

The company has an on-going training program to ensure:

  • the consistent implementation of Anti-Money Laundering measures
  • that employees are fully aware of policies and procedures relating to prevention of money laundering and the need to monitor all transactions for suspicious activity
  • that employees are aware of the required steps to be taken when a potentially suspicious transactions has been identified
  • that, to the maximum extent possible, all suspicious transactions are reported to the Compliance Officer before they are undertaken and, whether effected or not, full details of suspicious transactions are submitted in writing


Maintenance of Records

The following documents will be preserved for a minimum period of five years:

  • Identification documents obtained in respect of all transactions
  • Details of all suspicious transactions reported to the Compliance Officer
  • All correspondence/ reports with appropriate authorities in connection with suspicious transactions


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